Most social cat breeds

Most social cat breeds great way to whittle down your list is to focus in on the most most social cat breeds cats. Read on to learn about 10 of the most popular family friendly cats and decide which cat breed is the best fit for your family! Burmese The Burmese is a people pussycat. Choosing the right kitten food. Don't let her large size fool you: The health problem most commonly found in Abyssinian breeding lines are renal amyloidosis, luxating patellas, progressive renal atrophy and pyruvate kinase enzyme deficiency.
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While the Persian isn't extremely active, this breed does enjoy being surrounded by others, sitting close and taking in the scene.

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22 Friendliest Cat Breeds | Here Kitty, Kitty

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Maine Coon The Maine coon, nicknamed "America's cat," sits at the top of the friendliest cat breeds list. Russian Blues love to play and be a part of everything you do, including sharing your bed.

22 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Don't think friendly, affectionate and playful cat breeds exist? Think again!. Personalities vary per kitty, but some cat breeds are known for being more outgoing than others. Let's meet some of the friendliest cat breeds. Don't think friendly, affectionate and playful cat breeds exist? looking for an extra friendly feline, check out this list of the friendliest cat breeds.
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One of the friendliest cats around is the fluffy Ragdoll, a somewhat new variety first bred in the s. These cats are known for their loyalty and affection, following their owners around the house and cuddling with them whenever they are offered the chance.

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Birman Birmans maintain a balance between playfulness and affection. Breeders can test their parent cats for PKD and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy to avoid passing these heritable conditions on to the kittens. A valid email address is required. Follow us on Pinterest. Don't be fooled by talk that Russian Blues are aloof; these cats just like to observe before they act.
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But we can promise you that the family friendly cat breeds you are about to meet are a great choice for large households. The Aby, as she's sometimes called, tends to be somewhat nosy and may stick her shapely snout in your business by making a game of distracting you or clambering onto high perches. Not steadfast lap cats, Birmans will occupy themselves for periods of time and they eagerly seek you out for a good head scratch.
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If you're the type of person who wants a bit more snuggles from a feline friend, here's a list of some of the friendliest cat breeds on the planet. We take a look at the friendliest cat breeds for families and individuals. If you want a cat who's fond of company, perhaps you'll find them right. All cats have their moments of affection, but these nine cat breeds are known to be extra Tonkinese cats are one of the most social cat breeds, and make good .
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