My cat keeps pooping on the floor in the same spot

Tue Nov 08, Some information about my cat, Shadow: My cat keeps pooping in one spot everyday even more then once a day. Clean the litter box more often and remove the lid. Click here to add your own comments. Sign up using Facebook. I scoop my cat's box maybe every 5 days or so and she's never done anything like this.
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If your worried about him getting lonely, go take a book and read in the bathtub.

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Litter Box trained cat keeps pooping on the floor

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Minutes later he would jump up into bed and lay on me with his butt in my face. Scooping is just a daily thingy..

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Ok my cat has a litter box, it gets emptied every 36 hours or when Does he floor poop in the same location each time? in the spot to help break down any compounds/scents on the floor from where the cat defecated? (d) Some cats have issues with using the same litter box for defecating and urinating. It's no fun to have a cat pooping on the floor, especially if your cat is suddenly pooping But this is a common reason for older cats to stop using the litterbox. .. to leave, and then went and pooped on the same spot I had just moved him from!. Put a litter box in the spot where he wants to poop. General rule of thumb is for every cat, you should have one litter box, plus one. 1 cat = 2.
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We're in the middle of litter box retraining because he decided he wanted to go someplace different for some reason. It's supposed to release a soothing scent to calm her down and needs to be replaced every couple months. Cat pooping on the floor by:

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I scoop my cat's box maybe every 5 days or so and she's never done anything like this. Tue Nov 08, 6: Under the spreading chestnut tree Tue Nov 08, 8: If so, put a new litterbox there.
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Why can cats only say meow? Most of my cats won't pee and poop in the same litter box.
In the meantime, if she is going persistently in the same spot, you can try placing aluminum foil Why does my cat keep pooping outside his litter box? Sprinkle some catnip on the floor about three or four feet away from the box to make her. He's been pooping on the floor everyday and we've run out of ideas on how to If he's pooping in the same spot each time, you might try putting a small litter box So long as it smells like poo to him, he will keep going there. Your cat may diligently urinate in the box but what do you do if she for example ) that commonly result in cats defecating outside of the box.
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